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Are you already considering or planning on cutting down your plastic waste? Do you constantly find yourself at the shopping centre suddenly remembering that your shopping bags is left at home? Not to talk about your reusable coffee cup left on the bench at home, when you're about to buy a coffee? Or, do you own one at all? Do you need some extra motivation to get started on your act towards using less plastic? Then, read this.

Have you heard about the challenge before? I have heard people talk about it in Australia, and Norwegian friends are joining in this year with a motivation to change their single-use plastic habits in their everyday. This year I am joining as well. And so can you, from wherever you are in the world. It is a movement with about 120 million participants, from over 170 countries all over the world.

Will you take the challenge?

I chose a goal that was motivational and realistic for me, as you are free to choose your own level and goals.


Have a look, read more and join here . Make this july (and maybe even beyond that?) count for something bigger.


~ Vilde

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