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Hello from home

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. - Chinese proverb

Hello. It’s me. This time, from Norway. Despite my love for the culture, the place, the coast and of course my loved ones, I had to leave Australia mid May this year of visa and economic reasons. The feeling of leaving wherever I am, is always hard, as I always have to leave loved ones and a way of living behind. My journey continues, though in a different way this time.

I have just started my masters in environmental science. Not quite living by the waves, but the waves and the ocean is still always on my mind and where I long to go. Also still my main motivation for making changes in my everyday, for a cleaner and healthier environment. For Tavaha.

A few weeks before I left Australia, we stopped by a collective market on Sunshine Coast. Markets are one of my favourite places to go shopping, as it’s usually smaller brands and passionate people selling their handmade products. I stopped by a stall of beautiful handmade rings with handpicked stones. I asked Shannon, the owner and maker of the rings in La Lune Collective if she ever have made rings out of sea glass, as I had collected a lot of those lately. She said no, but she would love to make a ring out of it for me.

Out of my two favourite sea glass pieces and recycled silver, Shannon made me two rings with a deeper meaning and connection to both Australia and the ocean. One week later, wrapped in a little package with a tiny dried rose, I received two pieces of jewellery I will love for life. Recycled and handpicked from the sea, and created by hand by a beautiful soul with the earth on her mind. That’s what I want to support, and that’s what I want to wear.

Today I am sitting in my new home in Norway, and these rings remind me of Tavaha and who I am. I will continue on my Tavaha journey, By The Waves, as a student and I hope you still want to follow, share thoughts, moments and ideas with me. I also want to remind you of the challenge posted on @tavahaaustralia on Instagram to not buy any new clothes in August and September, but if you do want to shop - buy second hand. If you still haven’t joined the challenge, you can always join today. Today is the best day to start for a better tomorrow. Or to plant a tree, as in the chinese saying.

Will talk to you soon, in the meantime;



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