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By The Waves, A Tavaha Journal

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

My love and curiosity for nature started growing from my early days. It continued at University, where I studied Friluftsliv, a study focusing on outdoor recreation and environment. At 23, my love for nature and the ocean took me to the east coast of Australia.

Water was always my element. I discovered surfing in the cold waters on the west coast of Norway. Discovering surfing was like a new world to me - I couldn't get enough. In february 2017, I said goodbye to the cold waters in order to be an exchange student on the east coast of Australia. The six months turned into one and a half years of a new life and lifestyle for me. I used to spend every early morning down by the beach, feeling a sense of belonging to a environment in a different way than I have ever experienced in my earlier life. I met the local guy Jack, who opened my eyes even more to the importance of the ocean and helped me develop my passion for it further. The warm water and the ocean culture got a hold of me from the day I put my foot there.

Somewhere between snorkling and surfing with the living creatures in the ocean and helping baby turtles over a trafficated beach out into their future, I found a strong motivation to fight for our oceans and what lives in it. I wish the ocean had a reason for appreciating us as much as we appreciate the great blue.

I admire Nordic Ocean Watch for their work for the ocean, and I am proud to be able to contribute to share the message to more people. I will be writing in collaboration with NOW to share thoughts about environmental issues I experience on the east coast of Australia, and to all together find motivation for the tiniest change we can do in our everyday, for a big change; for the main purpose to protect what we love. For us, and our world's waters and for its living creatures, as innocent victims of a global change.

My name is Vilde, I am 25 years old and grew up inland in Norway. I have a bachelor degree in friluftsliv, and my passion is nature, and sharing the love for nature with the young generation, the future's hope. I have been working in a kindergarten back home in Norway, and will be back in Australia in a few weeks. I am a family person, yet you still find me on the other side of the world, 9575 miles away. The ocean called, and I had to go.

The ocean was calling, and I had to go

Run up the hill and down again,

Just to see your beautiful glow

You never disappoint me,

you great wounderous blue

With your calmly sounds and mighty waves,

I enjoy being with you

You give me that feeling, that I'm never alone

That you're stuck with me

You really are

I will never let you go

So please don't try to stop me

Its important that you know

When I hear the ocean calling, I really have to go.

~ Vilde


You can also read the journal through Nordic Ocean Watch’s webpage.

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